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The Making of Sanctuary 

Since the Covid pandemic hit the UK at the end of March 2020 and churches were forced to close, we made a plan to take our weekly services online in video format as quickly as possible. Our Sanctuary Service is our more traditional 9am Sunday service and we took this online using the YouTube platform within a couple of weeks of the first lockdown. We were well aware that around 30 members of our church didn't have internet access, so we undertook to produce simple DVD's and Audio CD's of these services and distribute these weekly to those people who desperately needed to feel connected. We built a support telephone network and grew our online offering in order to provide ongoing pastoral care and spiritual nourishment to our church family and beyond. This short video shows some of the people involved weekly in our service production and distribution. Sarah Couchman found this wonderful piece of music, ('Sing your Praise to the Lord' by Amy Grant) to set our images to and although ads may play before the video, we are grateful to the copyright holders for allowing us to use the video.