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This week Tony Haines will look at Paul’s advice to Titus on ‘Training the Troops’.
Tony Haines will be speaking on Paul’s strategy for Titus’ work in ‘Training the Troops’ and Dave Parr will be leading Communion
After a fascinating introduction to the character of a Titus last week, we will now discover what he was doing on Crete …. He certainly wasn’t having a holiday!
After Tom’s introduction to the character of Titus last week, on Sunday we will discover more about the special challenge he has been set in Crete.
Save the date for this year's Annual Meeting, please pray, is the Holy Spirit calling you to serve on the PCC?
This week Tom will be talking to us on “Titus – a good man to have at your side”. Everyone is very welcome!
Sunday 05 June on Weston Rec
This Sunday at our Sanctuary Communion service we begin an inspiring series on Titus. Please join us to think about Titus - a good man to have at your side.
Funeral and thanksgiving service for the life of Graham Turner. All Saints Church, Weston, Bath on Thursday 5 May at 1.30pm
We have another watery theme at our One Church service this Sunday at 10.30am. We will be welcoming the Escott family who will be bringing little Felix for baptism..... our first baptism in the church for a long time!
Published All Saints Church, Weston, Bath Electoral Roll names for the APCM on 08 May 2022
Sarah Couchman will be leading our service and Pippa Page will helping us explore the honest experiences of believing and doubting and trusting when we can’t see.