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This week Sarah Couchman will be leading and Dave Parr will be speaking, continuing with our series on Luke's Gospel. Dave will also be sharing with the Engage congregation his good news about his next steps in following his calling as a disciple.
This week Rev Dave Parr will be speaking on the title ‘Love your enemies?' from Luke 6:17-36.
Our Sanctuary service is now in Church every Sunday at 09:00hrs. This service will not be streamed 'live' in September, but we hope to start in October
This week Tom Peryer will be leading and Sarah Couchman will be speaking, continuing with our series on Luke's Gospel.
This month is about the search for a new Bishop
This week Sarah Couchman is speaking about being 'Called and Chosen' from Luke 6:12-26.
Sanctuary is now meeting in person and online
As we come out of the pandemic, we're going to have three areas of focus. Gather, discover and build.
During the autumn of 2021 we will continue our studies in Luke on Sunday mornings. I found a really helpful introduction which I have shared here.
If you've passed the Churchyard this week then you may have noticed some heavy equipment has arrived.
We need your help so we can share the good news!
After all this time why should we bother with Church? What has church got to offer and how can we play our part.