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Latest News 

Discover God's Heart is an ongoing process to engage everyone at All Saints with the God’s heart for engaging in community.
After all this time why should we bother with Church? What has church got to offer and how can we play our part.
What to Expect when you come to All Saints
The will be a selection of things available for the Summer, including a series of short talks from Mark called "Why Church?"

Our News and Views

In case you missed this video showing the making of Sanctuary you can catch up here
An update from Kate Brankin

Community News 

Are you the kind of person who could be a community connector?
There are many people in the Weston and Newbridge area who need help at the moment, and there are many of us who are able to provide it.
How to help the Genesis Trust this Christmas
So what can we do in response to all this?
Mark Searle

Bath and Beyond

28 Churches in Bath come together to pray for the City - On video with subtitles
Find out more about the African Palms project
Patrick Whitworth has written an article in the Church of England Newspaper published on Friday 14 May 2021. You can read it off the image supplied here.
Bath Abbey is now open Monday to Sunday 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs to pause, reflect, pray and light a candle.

Recent Talks

Please join Sarah Couchman at the kitchen table for this week's Sanctuary service.. As we continue our journey through the story of the early church, as found in the book of Acts, Mark will open up a story which starts with a dispute over the dining table, and talks from Acts chapter six about solving the practical problems within community life. How we're all called to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and how there are no superior or lower tasks. He concludes by inviting all of us to step up to the challeng
Mark Searle
Waiting and Witnessing. We continue our journey through Acts. Tonight Tom looks at Acts 5 and the importance of obeying God not people.
Tom Peryer
Sanctuary on Sunday looks at what happens when Christians get locked up (not locked down). Does that shut them up? What do you think? If you’re feeling a bit down or bruised by the world, be cheered by Jeremiah who is thrown down into a muddy pit and the apostles who get a flogging. Words and music from the psalms and other places will lift you out of any pit as will the recorded voice of someone who died more than 110 years ago urging us to fight for the right. And you will hear the voices of them not yet
Tom Peryer

Latest Blog Post From Mark

After all this time why should we bother with Church? What has church got to offer and how can we play our part.


Our Stories

It was a couple of years ago at New Wine, I go with my daughter there and we have a wonderful time. We go to the evening service which is very noisy, very loud, all the music and all the lights and I thought this one evening I would stay in the caravan...
I had a baby who was 5 months old and he became extremely ill, so ill that when he was in hospital he had a cardiac arrest, and he was sent to Reading hospital. They said he had viral pneumonia and he also had something that was called Pioderma...


Rock News

We want to draw on the expertise, insight and enthusiasm of as many people as possible. So we are setting up 13 short-life focus groups to work on particular aspects of the project.
A message to the Church from James Couchman (Vice- Chair PCC); Paddy Gleave (Churchwarden) Peter Ward (Churchwarden)


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