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Learning to Pray in a New Way 

By Rose

It was a couple of years ago at New Wine, I go with my daughter there and we have a wonderful time. We go to the evening service which is very noisy, very loud, all the music and all the lights and I thought this one evening I would stay in the caravan and just have a bit of a rest and let my daughter go by herself. 

So, I was in the caravan and it was twilight and it was very peaceful, I don’t know whether I was praying or listening to the service I can’t really remember, but I do remember sitting there and all of a sudden I started to speak in tongues (a special prayer language) and it was just incredible. And I kept talking and talking in tongues and I felt really excited about it and of course I waited for my daughter to come home from the evening service and I told her and she said “oh mummy you’ve had a miracle it’s an absolute miracle!”. 

I believe it was a miracle because I can speak in tongues now and up to that point I used to doubt people that spoke in tongues, I thought you can’t say all that, you’re just making it up but I know now they don’t make it up. I have the gift of tongues, Hallelujah! I’m 86 years old now and this happened when I was 84 so I was quite young then and I shall continue to be young until the day I meet the Lord!