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My Baby Recovered 

By Margaret

I had a baby who was 5 months old and he became extremely ill, so ill that when he was in hospital he had a cardiac arrest, and he was sent to Reading hospital. They said he had viral pneumonia and he also had something that was called Pioderma Gangrenosum which meant that if his skin was touched rather hard or with a needle it would result in a large ulcer. 

He was in Reading hospital for 4 months and they said there was nothing more that they could do and the prognosis for him was poor, but that they would send him to Great Ormond Street in the hope that they would find a resolution to this. In Great Ormond Street he was barrier nursed and had his own room and really it was rather a lonely time. Each day I went to London to see him and his ulcers (which were caused by injections and other things) just grew and grew until they were the size of alarm clocks each side of his behind. No doctor gave us much hope at Great Ormond Street but there were scores of people praying for him. 

He went into hospital in June and now it was the beginning of December. I entered his room one day and already in the room there was the Consultant and 5 others including the Houseman who said: “we’d better see what damage we’ve done to his arm as I had to take some blood yesterday” and I said: “There is no damage as the Lord has begun to heal him now”. 

I felt totally stupid and wished I wasn’t there the way the doctors looked at me. However, two weeks later he was discharged! New tissue had formed in all the ulcers, in the centre of the ulcers and it grew outwards. And though it was a little while before everything was healed, he is now a rugby referee and is a very strong person, loving the Lord!