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One Church Sunday (06/02) 

What sort of church ought we to be? One that thinks and reaches beyond itself.

This Sunday at 10.30am there will only be one service.
This is the once-in-a-month opportunity for us all to come together as fellow members of All Saints Church - whatever our ‘preferred’ service on a normal Sunday is. Thankfully, the Covid restrictions are lessening and in this period of vacancy and with the launch of our ROCK Appeal, it’s important to hold together well. Although we are in the middle of the ROCK Appeal, we will be thinking beyond ourselves and our own needs on this Sunday. Our guest speaker will be Revd John Angle who represents one of the 15+ agencies in the UK and abroad supported by All Saints Church. You might be surprised to learn that in the past 10 years, nearly £410,000 (in real terms) has been given to needs and causes beyond the church and Weston. That does not include a similar amount given to support other CofE churches in the diocese. John Angle represents Hope Christian Trust UK which works in Israel-Palestine. He will share with us his first-hand recent experience of the situation in Israel/Palestine and in particular the work of Bethlehem Bible College.