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Sanctuary Service for Sunday (28/11)

For our Advent Sunday Sanctuary service we have a special guest speaker - Rev. Stephen Girling from Bath Abbey. Stephen is the Abbey Missioner with a particular responsibility for the outward facing work of the Abbey in the city. He is also the Area Dean of Bath, which means he has oversight responsibilities for the Anglican churches in the city and surrounding villages. Before becoming a priest in the CofE Stephen was a Defence Scientist. As well as preaching, Stephen will also tell use a little bit about the Abbey Footprint Project which is almost finished - a £20 million project to dramatically renew and extend the Abbey’s facilities.

We will be continuing our Rocks, Stones and Pebbles series, with an Advent twist and there will be the usual uplifting mix of music. Apologies to those of you who who tuned in last week to watch Sanctuary being streamed. Unfortunately some gremlins interfered with our audio systems - hopefully this week we will be Gremlin-free and you can watch the service as it goes but even better, come in person to the service - if you are able to, that is