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What's happening about COVID19 restrictions and All Saints

There is lots of discussion taking place nationally about the wisdom of unlocking at this time. It is concerning, as we can all see the reports of infections increasing rapidly. We are delighted that we have the freedom to worship in person again and that we can sing. But we also want to proceed with caution so that we can mitigate risk and care for every member of our community, including those who are clinically vulnerable.

How we proceed has been recently discussed at PCC. A smaller group, including Chris Chatfield as Health and Safety Officer, have conducted a full risk assessment inline with Church of England guidance. This will be reviewed regularly. A summary is given below so you know what to expect when you attend worship in person at All Saints.
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  • Online provision for our Sunday worship will continue, although it will be lighter during August.
  • Singing will be allowed at indoor services.
  • Social distancing removed in the church, but a zoned social distancing (+face masks) area will remain under and in the gallery plus the pews beside the vestry door.
  • Hand sanitiser will continue to be available.
  • Face masks will be optional during indoor services, but please wear going to and from your seat. Also wear one if you want to sing loudly!
  • Ventilation - doors will be left open to provide a good flow of air.
  • 11am service will be outdoors when we can.
  • Clinically vulnerable are advised to continue to wear masks.
  • Nothing to be handed out at service (bibles, notice sheets, toys etc).
  • No refreshments will be served for the time being.
  • NHS QR code for track and trace will remain but you will not need tickets to attend.
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