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Sanctuary Service for Sunday (11/07) 

Sanctuary on Sunday looks at what happens when Christians get locked up (not locked down). Does that shut them up? What do you think? If you’re feeling a bit down or bruised by the world, be cheered by Jeremiah who is thrown down into a muddy pit and the apostles who get a flogging. Words and music from the psalms and other places will lift you out of any pit as will the recorded voice of someone who died more than 110 years ago urging us to fight for the right. And you will hear the voices of them not yet dead, namely Wiola Hola, Robin & Jenny Lewis, Peter & Alison Stoneley and Tom Peryer – oh and Taher and Tonya. Who are they you say?  Well switch on or turn up in person at 09:00hrs on Sunday to find out.