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Bookings Update due to coronavirus

With the latest restrictions in place All Saints Centre and Weston Hub are only open for a few exempt bookings. The Centre and Church Office are closed but we are picking up emails and voice messages from home.

The Centre Office and the Church Office are re-opening from Tuesday 01 September 2020. 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs on weekdays.
Staff will be in the offices. When visiting All Saints Centre or Weston Hub the following guidelines must be followed:
1. Face masks must be worn.
2. Wash your hands when you first come into our buildings using the hand gel provided.
3. If you are feeling unwell, have tested positive for Covid 19, or if someone you live with have tested positive for Covid 19 then DO NOT enter the buildings.
4. 2m social distancing applies in our buildings.

Bookings (in brief)
No childrens' party bookings are being taken for September.
Some fitness activities will resume in September, subject to all guidelines being followed.
Some meetings and other group activities are taking place in our community centres now.
?Please see further down this page for information on the maximum numbers permitted in each of our rooms.

Re-opening our community centres
All Saints Church will be re-opening All Saints Centre and Weston Hub from this coming Monday 06 July 2020, but initially this will be only when permitted activities are booked in.

So, our doors will not be open to you unless you have booked a permitted activity, with at least one weeks notice, throughout July and August. The list of permitted activities are very limited at the moment, but will include: business meetings, counselling sessions, mobile chiropodist and the Weston Welcome Cafe and Food Club.
Children's activities and fitness activities are not permitted at this time. Private parties are considered 'high risk' and are not permitted throughout July. We will review this for August, but it may well be September at the earliest before we can accept these bookings.

All Saints Church groups use of the Centre and the Hub can be considered, so contact Naomi Cox, if you have a meeting that you want to take place or a regular group that you think could resume. It may be that we cannot manage it at this time, but we will consider carefully any requests.

Staff will not be in full time in July and August, but will be working in the offices for some of the time (one member of staff per office). Mostly, staff will continue to work from home. Staff will always be present in our buildings if there is a booking in progress.

In order to open our doors we have a number of measures in place that you can review below on this page.
We will support the Governments Test and Trace scheme, so we will be taking the names and phone numbers of anyone that enters our buildings. The Upper Entrance will remain locked at the All Saints Centre, but there is a bell to ring for pre-arranged appointments and deliveries.

Our Pre-Schools, Noah's Ark and 103 Club continue to run at All Saints Centre and Weston Hub and this is working well for them. They have reduced numbers of children, an increased number of staff required and shorter hours at present. They will continue in this way up to the summer holidays.

All Saints Centre and Weston Hub Re-Opening Policy
A risk assessment has been carried out on each building and is available on request. It includes the following guidelines on re-opening and taking bookings:

  • 2 Metre Social Distancing rule is in place inside our buildings
  • From 08 August 2020, Masks must be worn when inside our Community Centres
  • All Saints Centre will operate with a one way system for the use of the Weston Suite and Courtyard rooms
  • Only one entrance will be open for bookings
  • All Saints Centre and Weston Hub will have a member of staff posted on the entrance in order to maintain social distancing, assist customers and ensure the hand washing station is used that will be positioned there.
  • The buildings will be open for specific bookings only
  • Main toilet doors will be wedged open and only one person may use the toilets at a time
  • There will be a 30 minute gap between bookings to allow for cleaning of high touch surfaces
  • Hirers will need to abide by our cleaning policy and cleaning materials will be provided
  • Hirers will need to record the names and phone numbers of all attendees in our buildings in order that this information can be provided to the 'Test and Trace' scheme in the event of an infection of one attendee being discovered.
  • A member of All Saints staff will be in attendance for the duration of every booking.
  • There is a maximum permitted number of attendees allowed at any one time in each of our rooms - see below
All Saints Centre
Upper Room - 4
Courtyard Room - 4
Weston Suite - 28
Lansdown Hall - 10
Weston Hall - 16
Main Kitchen - 4 with masks and gloves
Garden Room - reserved exclusively for Noah's Ark Pre-School

Weston Hub
Oak- 15
Cedar - 4
Beech - 6
Ash - 2
Main Kitchen - 4 with masks and gloves

Events in our Community Buildings 
All bookings are now cancelled at All Saints Centre and the Weston Hub and the buildings are now closed. 103 is running an after school club at Weston Hub for key workers children. Noah's Ark pre-school at All Saints Centre is currently closed.
Click on our News Pages to see what our regular groups are up to during this time.
You can still enquire about future bookings by emailing us

Ceasing of bookings
All Saints Centre and Weston Hub are not taking any new bookings at this time. Due to the Government's social distancing policy we are now recommending all classes, groups and meetings cease in these buildings with the exception of the Pre-School's, Noah's Ark and 103 Club, that may wish to continue in line with the Government's Schools policy.

To all our regular customers and group leaders, please rest assured that we will now not be charging you for any cancelled room rentals from today on. If you wish to help us by contributing any balance in amounts already paid for block bookings rather than receive a refund, then please let us know, otherwise we will be providing refunds where due by online bank transfer. We will also be keeping your booking slots reserved in our calendar during this time, so that you have the ability to resume as normal once this crisis is over.

We will miss all our customers and users during this time and thank you for your loyal custom and support in the past. We hope and pray that you will all stay well, and for those whose livelihoods rely on these bookings, that you manage to cope financially, throughout the duration, without undue hardship.

The Centre Office will remain open throughout and we expect our buildings to be used to some degree as part of a mobilisation to provide practical support for the community. If you require support of any sort or want someone to talk to, then call our number and we will listen, help or point you in the right direction for further assistance.

If you are visiting All Saints Centre or Weston Hub then please wash your hands when you come in the buildings and keep two metres from staff when engaging in conversation.

If you wish to consider the Weston Hub or All Saints Centre for an event or booking in the longer term then we'd be pleased to hear from you and provide information on availability, pricing and options.

God bless,
Gary Oaten
Centre and Hub Manager