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Coronavirus (COVID 19) All Saints information 

This page was last updated on Friday 28 August 2020 and the latest information is nearer the top of this page
As we re-open our buildings for those church events and public/commercial bookings that are permitted, we have all the necessary measures in place in order to be able to do this safely and with clear guidelines for visitors and customers.

For information on All Saints Centre and Weston Hub please click here
(Please note that as from 08 August 2020, Masks must be worn when inside the All Saints Centre and Weston Hub)

All Saints Centre staff will be in the offices once again from Tuesday 01 September for the normal working hours of 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Arrangements will be slightly different with the office layouts and some staff will continue to work from home either on a full time or part time basis.

All Saints Church - Opening for Prayer and Beyond.
We are taking our first steps in relaunching our 'in person' Sunday worship. - Click here for more information.

Information from July 2020
In March, the government imposed a lockdown that included a ban on services in places of worship and even a ban on private prayer in church. Although the ban has now been lifted for worship, prayer, funerals and weddings, the guidelines are still very restrictive. With the size of the church building and the layout of the pews we can only accommodate a very small number of people at the required 2m social distancing. There will also continue to be a restriction on corporate singing.

In the recent ASW survey you said that the two key top things that you missed were singing and being together, unfortunately we are still unable to do either of these in a meaningful, 'in person' way.
But with the risk assessment completed and appropriate measures in place we can now look forward and open the church building in a limited manner. We must remember that the Church has never been closed because the church is people. With that in mind, here are our provisional plans from now until September.

1. Opening for private prayer - Wednesdays 16:00 to 18:00hrs from 15 July. This will be supervised with total numbers of people in the building being limited. If this proves to be helpful for people we will then consider opening at other times as volunteers allow. 

2. Live Streaming from Church - we have now moved Church Live back into the church building and are refining our live streaming set up. It is good be able to run this with a wider team. We will not be opening this up as an act of public worship, but we do have some very limited capacity if you would like to come and be in the congregation. Please contact the church office if you would be interested in coming along.

3. August - prerecorded Worship online - during August we will provide prerecorded worship and teaching in a shorter format in order to give the teams that have been working so hard on providing Sanctuary and Church live a bit of a rest. This will include five amazing guest speakers. Don’t miss it.

4. Holiday Club Online - activities for children and families during August. Click here

5. New Wine - Breaks Out. 30 July - 03 August, worship, teaching and inspiration - a wonderful opportunity to participate in New Wine, even if you have never been before. Visit the New Wine Website

6. Summer Reading - a collated list of excellent books for you to read over the summer that have been reviewed and recommended by members of the Church family. See the article here

7. Homegroups in the church - if your homegroup wanted to meet in the church over the summer, this is now possible. Please contact the church office if you are interested and we will see if we can help make this happen. 

8. DVD Deliveries - Church Services will continue to be delivered to those who are elderly or vulnerable without internet access.

September and into the future. While only just over a week away, with all the recent changes, it makes it very difficult to make any concrete plans. However we anticipate having a mix of 'in person' and online worship for many months to come. We plan also to continue to live stream some services even if 'in person' worship returns in full. But we have to accept that gathering a larger church like All Saints while social distancing remains not possible. This means that being part of a Homegroup or other small group is increasingly important. 

March 2020 information - Just before Lockdown
All Saints put measures in place in order to be prepared for issues that might arise as a result of the spread of the coronavirus.
As soon as the Government issued the first precautions we raised awareness of the potential issues at our three buildings, All Saints Church, All Saints Centre and Weston Hub, by putting up the NHS Public Information posters, which outline the need for good personal hygiene. We put comprehensive hand washing technique posters in all of our toilets and have put up signs to ensure that people do wash their hands. If you are visiting our buildings, which it is currently not possible to do, then please follow this advice. Also, please wash your hands when entering the building and in line with social distancing advice, please do not shake hands and keep two metres distance from our staff and other users. There are boxes of tissues out in our other reception areas, so please use them if you need some. For the latest information, please read on...

The Government has published and is continuously updating a coronavirus action plan. We are reviewing this constantly and updating the guidance and information as needed. All guidance will continue to reflect appropriate Public Health advice.

Reducing the Risk
We are keen to ensure that we've done everything we can, prior to any further possible spread of the virus, to protect those in our communities that would be most vulnerable if infected.

Most importantly, if anyone is approached by someone worried about possibly being infected, then they should be advised to check the advice on the NHS website or go to 111 online and follow the questionnaire.

We will keep up to date on government directives for containment and use of public spaces and in the meantime we look forward to re-opening in the future when it is permitted and safe to do so.