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Hartbeeps Summer Cafe 

Hartbeeps provides multi-sensory music session for babies from newborn to 5 years. Launched in Sep 17, Hartbeeps decided to try a larger than life event for some summer fun. Our baby rock cafe is a 90 min stay and play event in which children can explore different sensory areas, with their favourite Hartbeeps themes/adventures whilst parents meet, chat, and interact with their little ones. Finishing with a 30 min disco, parents can enjoy our original soundtrack of remixed lullabies and Hartbeeps tunes. We welcome regular Hartbeepers, but also new customers. An amazing opportunities for parents and little ones to interact, bond, and grow and develop their lines of communication. Hartbeeps is larger than life, interactive, and heap of fun as we ask our parents to “shake off their adult norms, and journey down the rabbit hole into their babies world of imagination". Its all about bringing a story to life for your child. 
One of our other locations is in All Saints Centre where we have regular classes on a Friday morning.  Awakening babies senses, allowing them room to play and explore, whilst staying close to parents. 

Check out the video below for a taste of what happened at the cafe